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Enabeling Mobility

Mobile Enable all your business Forms
Automate your Field Force
Real time upload of data from field
Instant Synchronization with Back-end servers
Instant data access across the organization


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 Mobile learning Interview in Nightline Show at Dubai Eye Radio Station 103.8 FM
 Learn more with Dr. James and Ammar Shami Interview about mobile learning. 



ABJAD  provides LMS, LCMS and Social learning Software | ABJAD provides Mobile learning in Middle East| Al-Israa Private University & ABJAD sign an agreement for Mobile learning training and adoption | Arab Network for Distance learning accomplished successful mobile learning workshop on July 28-30,2009 | ABJAD participated in Abu Dhabi MECOM expo | Abjad is upgrading mobile store |ABJAD signs an Agreement with AD connect to provide Mobile learning to schools and universities in Nigeria and Ghana | ABJAD added UMNIAH as an SMS premium service provider for Middle East | ABJAD added Indian Mobile Carrier to enahnce SMS sending in Iraq and Middle east | Arab Open University in bahrain use ABJAD SMS Gateway System| Now! ABJAD provides one of the best Learning Content Management Systems in the world




ABJAD Beyond Knowledge Management

ABJAD started as a Knowledge Managment Technology Provider. ABJAD provided multiple projects to support training and learning in different organizations in Middle East. Now ABJAD has started a new strategy that focus on corporate growth through sales and marketing. ABJAD  is a leading Marketing and Sales Consulting in Middle East.

Sales and Marketing Consulting 

ABJAD provides consutling services for mid size to large companies. We provide A - Z solutions in Sales and Marketing. We help organizations set up marketing and sales plans, build their sales team, set incentive plans, optimize team performance.

Not Only we drive growth through sales and marekting. But Also we empower your organization to anlayse the data , the demand and supply of the products. We use marketing and sales intellegince to generate leads and prospects.

In sales and marketing consulting we also support you to set up business processes for sales and marketing using BPR  and business process improvement tools and concepts.

Sales and Marketing Technologies

We provide different solutions for Sales and Marketing Teams. We provide CRM solutions such as Seibel and Sales Force. We  can help you set up your SMS Gateway. Technology solutions we provide and implement will enable you to track your products and logistics.

Through technology we can empower your lead generation through smart websits and though e- marketing in any sector. We also provide training and supporting technologies through handheld devices in addtion to mobile technologies. We also provide all techologies related to sales and marketing from barcode to fleet management.

Sales and Marketing Training Programs

We provide Sales and Marketing Certified Programs :

ABJAD provide specialzied training programs in sales and marketing. 

Marketing Transformation

 Marketing is coming into a new era. In a post recession world, chief marketing officers have and opportunity to help read their organization toward growth and profitability. But they also face challanges more than ever before. 

 What it will take to reach high performance ? precision in customer analytics execution, value proposition, delivery and integerated multi channel communication-all operating seamlessly through nimble, streamlined marketing organization.

ABJAD Marketing Transformation provides winning strategies to help CMOs assume this leadership role through building essential marketing capabilities for growth. 

These capabilities inlcude 

  • Efficent data capture 
  • Improving analytical capabilities
  • Insight driven approaches to aquisition and retenetion 
  • Actionable segmentation
  • Innovation 
  • differentiated pricing 
  • strategic brand management
  • optmized and efficient interation channels
  • speed to revenue
  • engagement in social CRM
  • Emrace Digital Marketing
  • Integerated services, sales and marketing
  • defined, efficeint and scaplable processes. 
  • ROI led marketing investment
  • Strategic Planning

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